Welcome to the Proofreading & Editing Nomination Station!

So how does it all work?

3 Easy steps to earn badges:

  1. Find a member that needs proofreading & editing to advance in their courses or to the next level
  2. Proofread and Edit their work and give them feedback (if necessary)
  3. Ask them to nominate you for the amount of TRANSLATED words you’ve proofread

What to do when somebody proofreads & edits your work (DTFRNS):

  1. Download a document from  the Development Program Courses in your Language Combination
  2. Translate this document on your own
  3. Find a person by posting in your Language Group’s forum or ask a friendly member at a Workshop/Meetup to proofread your translation
  4. Review the corrections and suggestions carefully and see what you can learn from them once they’re finished proofreading & editing your work
  5. Nominate the member that proofread and edited your work by clicking one of the badges below
  6. Submit your finalized translation under the Course you downloaded it from in the Development Program Portal


Click on one of the badges below to nominate another member for proofreading/editing your work! For their hard work, you will be giving them points! When you proofread & edit theirs, they will give you points! It’s a win-win!   Here’s how the point structure works:

Words Proofread

Points Awarded













Proofreading 4
Proofreading 2
Proofreading 3
Proofreading 5

What if the number of words proofread and edited are over the total number available of badges? i.e 1736 words?

If the number is not exact (which it most likely won’t be) you will simply have the person nominate you for more than one badge. If it was 1736, you would nominate them for (1) 1000w badge, (1) 500 word badge and (1) 200w badge.

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